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About Coaching

Trading Plan 
► Why trading
► Your goals
► The trading day
► Strategies and objectives
► The trading week
► Measuring progress
► Your P&L account

You can re-visit any of the topics covered on your course, as well as getting any answers to questions related to your practical experience trading. You may want feedback on your trades, or to look at specific indicator use, or any other matters to help you develop as a trader. One-to-one time is your opportunity to sit next to a trader.  You may also already have some experience in trading, but may need to added support, forex trading can be a lonley place, which is why we are on hand to support you through your journey. 

What you will get! 

Trading review 
► Why trading
► Your goals Your trading day
► Strategies and objectives
► The trading week
► Measuring progress
► Your P&L account

Structuring the Week 
► Long term time frames
► Recording general market direction
► Assessing news
► Relevant web sites
► Recording results
► Analyzing your performance

Preparing for your coaching:  
Each coaching session is concise to achieve maximum cost benefit. Make sure you know what you want to achieve from the session. Have any records and information you need readily accessible. You should be in an environment where you will not be disturbed for the duration of the session. Please keep to these times you agree with your coaches.

During your coaching:
You will discuss your chosen topic/s with a trader, either face to face or using Skype. You should have access to your computer for your trading records plus any charts or other information provided by the trader to support you during the coaching. You should take coaching sessions after attending your training course to provide additional support for your trading and to consolidate your learning. The trader will want to review your trades and comment on the trades you have taken and just as importantly, trades that you decided not to take. Of course you can ask the trader questions too, including a recap on any part of the course.

Enquire about Coaching Sessions

Enquire to see if coaching will help accelerate your trading!


30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 mins


    Here is what you will get from Coaching!

    • Have just finished my 3 initial sessions with Kaye and now looking forward to putting all that was explained to me in practice. Kay's methodology is very clear to understand and functions from a really clean chart. The fundamentals merge with the technical, enabling the possibility of a trade to be seen straight away. Now looking forward to the next session in another 3 months. Many thanks Kaye & the KTA team
      David Kinuthia - Kenya
    • WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!! WOW!!!!! Thanks John!!! I've just had my 3 session with Jon explaining Markets, Fundamentals and personal trading plan and he made it much, much more simple. I have been trading for 3 years and made it really hard for myself. Communication is brilliant with him and fun, he's quick and there; I look forward to our next session in 3 months time Thanks Again
      Steven Njenga - Kenya 
    • It’s about 1 month since my 3rd session and trading it much easier than it was before and I’m seeing much less losing trades then I did and have definitely seen a massive pip increase. The private coaching definitely gave me an outlook I just couldn’t find with generic courses and it was worth every penny.
      John Townsend - London
    • I've tried a number of signal providers before I found Knightsbridge Trading Academy which was recommended by a friend. This service is easily the best overall. Several trades each week and great follow up about moving SL etc, which is a very important and often over looked part of trading. A couple hundred pips per week is very normal, while others I've tried couldn't match this in a month. Very honest reporting of performance which is also not common. The KTA team are great people to deal with.
      James Watkins
    • Very happy and have learned a lot from the course which I attended with KTA. Good friendly support available at all times, . I was a purchaser of the original FX Pro Trader course, rather 3 seperate strategies which are good for intraday trading with 10 pip targets or less as well as a 2 hour live tuition session on sound technical analysis and how to get some research done before you trade. Having someone on hand at the end of the day if I messed up so I could actually learn from my mistakes as well as 3 strategies I can actually use to make pips made it worthwhile for me as an investment. Will stay on for another 3 months and see what else is provided, as he said there will be 2 new courses soon this the London Stock Exchange Academy trading some of the more commonly traded candlestick and making money from news spikes. Would like to see more live videos, but there are some live trades to example the systems, and he doesn't encourage people to trade live until you've proved you can do it for yourself.
      Charlotte Smith

    Enquire about Coaching Sessions

    Enquire to see if coaching will help accelerate your trading!

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