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The most innovative fintech forex platform in the market place today! Research provided by our team of technical analysts and economists. Our system aggregates technical and economic forecasts via proprietary algorithms and FIX API enabling the most comprehensive trade alerts and market updates, fed directly to the end user. Request a one week free trial.

Access accurate, real-time intra-day analysis for 42 forex and spot metals markets.   View constantly profitable trading strategies and signals from our team of award-winning analysts. Visualize key market support and resistance levels to learn where the market has been and where it is going next.

Be alerted when key financial indicators are due to be released, and be updated with information quickly after their release to the markets. Learn about important political and economic developments in key economic markets and the projected impacts on their currencies.

What you will get! 

FX Compass contains custom charting software and is used by market professionals the world-over - and featuring accurate FX current and histrocial data only available in Knightsbridge Trading Academy charting products. You can create and manage your charts on any mobile platform.

Receive a constant stream of up to the minute information specifically related to the currency markets as soon as they happen. Be informed of important currency movements and technical events as soon as they happen so that you can make informed and winning trading decisions.

Our intra-day analysis service for the key FX and Commodities markets. We research and review each market, assess their recent performances and make technical predictions for the short and medium term.


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Here is what you will get from FX Compass

  • "The commentary is priceless, I read it every morning to get a feel of what the technical market feels. I combine it with my own view of market sentiment.  This service is key to my strategy, the bread and butter. Very reliable, the new news feed is a welcomed addition also."
    Darren Easton 
    Private FX Trader
  • My focus is on foreign exchange markets. Over time, my focus has evolved to include commodity and fixed income markets, all covered in a very efficient manner by the FX Compass platform. 
    The FX Compass suite benefits my FX research in a number of ways.  First, the charting template is extremely functional and easy to use via a series of intuitive drop-down menus. Second, the charts are clearly legible, with values for trendlines, indicators and moving averages easily visible. This feature is crucial as it allows clients to link what we discuss in our technical research with the applicable charts.
    The reliability of the FX Compass platform has been outstanding. The delivery of timely and accurate data has always been a hallmark of the system.  Overall, the integration of a reliable platform with accurate and timely data, broad asset class coverage and a user-friendly template encompassing a wide variety of chart types and indicators makes this product a pleasure to use."
    George Andrews
    Banking forex day trader
  • "FX Compass is an excellent piece of kit and easy to use, it allows me to technically analyse a wide range of currency pairs, looking for trends, retracements and formations, to detect overbought / oversold conditions as well as key chart points. I have found FX Compass to be highly reliable and accurate, and the application itself ever evolving and reliable."
    James Longwood Director
    Head of FX trading
  • "I have been a daily user of FX Compass for a while now and it has become an integral part of my analysis toolkit and we feature the charts provided by the system in our research regularly. The platform provides allows me to access all of my key charts - hourly, daily weekly - across a range of asset classes quickly to rapidly assess the pertinent technical issues at play.  I have a number of strategy's and FX Compass allows me to assess the key markets I follow over multiple timeframes.  I use candlestick charts and simple moving average studies as a starting point  to assess the strength of the prevailing trend - or indeed the absence of a trend.
    Franco Samaras
    Senior Investment manager

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