Your Trading Strategy Webinar Thursday's

The Most Important, LIVE, update and current information for your Trading Strategy SUCCESS.

Matthew Shaw

Chief Analyst

Matt is an algorithmic developer, CF30 financial trader, who previously managed multi-milion pound funds on behalf of a billion dollar hedge fund.


It’s happening this Thursday 24th August 6:15pm

  • 6:15 pm London



Why this Webinar is Important!

  • This is a LIVE, up to date presentation on the current market!
  • LIVE, up to date info on the current trading Strategies being used!
  • LIVE, up to date info on using pivots 
  • and why they're essential to compliment any Strategy

More About Matthew Shaw

Your presenter and Head of Trading.

  • He trades to make 6-8 pips per trade and cash out. With big breakouts, Matt likes to raise the stop loss to break-even and every set amount of pips the market continues to rally, Matt increases stop limit; so that the trade then gets set at guaranteed levels of profit. Trades are then allowed to get stopped out, minutes, hours or even days later. This combined with the day trading, does increase profitability.
  • Since leaving full-time education over 15 years ago, Matt has managed to refrain from the 9-5.00pm way of life. He has run several businesses and now endeavours to help others achieve success in trading the Fx markets and providing the platform for which they can be helped to achieve that one goal – that is leaving the rat race behind.  
  • Matt’s hobbies include alternative medicine, plant based nutrition, playing Guitar and climbing. In the past Matt has been a guest columnist for the Investors Chronicle.  
  • Since settling back in Wales full-time in the last 12 months, Matt has also set about raising money for his favourite charity ‘Ty Hafan’ through various gruelling, yet ‘fun’, expeditions.  
  • He is a founding member of the Institutional Trader Programme (ITP) with London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) Academy, and has trained graduates, traders and professionals, across asset classes from all walks of life globally. 

Your Trading Strategy Webinar

The Most Important, LIVE, uptdate and current information for your Trading Strategy SUCCESS.