Become a KTA Affiliate and get the opportunity to earn by referring clients.

Who can join our affiliate network?

In short, anyone can join. However, if you you have significant personal networks, a high-traffic website, or  perhaps you’re a talented online marketer your chances to refer clients are much higher. Whatever your strengths, we can work with you to develop a suitable education Affiliate Program and remuneration scheme.

Benefits of joining our affiliate program

KTA Forex Affiliate Program is one of the largest and most profitable financial affiliate networks around today. By choosing us as an affiliate partner, you’ll get the benefits of our hard-gained knowledge and experience, as well as the brand recognition which Knightsbridge Trading Academy enjoys. Our affiliate portal has been expertly built and comes with marketing materials, banners, unique tracking links and payments portal. Payments balance paid instantly, receive notifications when payments are made from your network on a CPA per sale.

Marketing materials

We give you all marketing materials, banners which you can use to bring people to your network.

CPA Deals

You get money whenever a client registers with your unique link we provide you.

KTA Affiliate Program