30 Minute Trader (Imported)

Our online 30-minute trader software is an intraday trading model made up of specific Moving Averages, Oscillators & other Exclusive Indicators simply formed into ONE single arrow.

Accredited by the body of continued professional development (CPD).
The arrows represent a short-term directional shift in momentum as our technical indicators cross over and confirm a potential breakout or counter trend.

This particular course is most certainly designed to cut out the ‘noise’ of the
market. We simply have a basic candlestick chart with the arrows that form on
the candles.

The arrows set the potential for a trade setup, but there are rules applied as to when you would trade the arrows. Sometimes the setup does not come off, or you may in fact have to wait several candles in order to trade. Other times you can trade immediately.

It’s all down to the Rules of the 30-Minute Reference PDF Guide.

The client does not have to evaluate complicated chart patterns or cross reference dozens of spreadsheets. The arrows do most of the work.

The one thing the clients MUST consider and that is NOT to trade in and round the High Impactful pieces of fundamental data. These are due out several times a week and again, there will be SET rules as to when you should hold off trading throughout these times.

We believe this is an excellent forex entry product for clients who are not as experienced as some intermediate or professional clients.

There also lies some very ground basics to FX trading and the market as a whole which will help expand the clients knowledge of the industry; with no doubt, the information becoming very useful later in your trading career.

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