Gold Subscription

Our Gold monthly package gives you the chance to learn and receive ongoing support from the entire team on a monthly basis. 

About the Gold Subscription

Our 3 months education programme is perfect for a new trader or even someone who has experience but needs to find consistency trading. With our 3 month offer you will receive our Introduction to Financial Markets, Forex & Stocks courses and our Enigma strategy service giving you all the elements to improve your trading straight away.

And for the first 3 months you can try this by not paying us a single penny all you have to do is trade with our partner broker.

Our courses will allow you to:

  • Learn at your own pace
  • Trade both short and long term assets
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Find new consistency with your trading

Being part of our Enigma Strategy service means you will receive:

  • Full monthly support
  • 2 x weekly webinars
  • Week ahead and midweek market reports
  • Access to our Telegram channels sending you regular market analysis
  • Access to our Signal Trading service 
  • Regular knowledge from our industry experts

This offer is the perfect way to learn about the financial markets without committing huge amounts up front. You will be in full control for the next 3 months of all elements of your trading.

To find out more about this programme complete the form and our team will be in touch.

In the Gold Subscription you'll receive

Introduction to Financial Markets

This course will give you a foundation for trading and starting with the stock exchange.


Forex Course

This course will give you a foundation for trading and starting with forex markets.


Stocks Course

This course will give you a foundation for trading and starting with forex markets.


Futuristic stock exchange scene with mobile phone, chart, numbers and SELL and BUY options (3D illustration)
Enigma Strategy Signals

Learn about derivatives, fixed income & equity investing trading as well as understand about the mechanics of trading an investing.

Created by professional traders

Created by an expert team, who have experience in over six programming languages including MATLAB, C++ & Python. Our team are considered experts in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

100% secure

Your money is with your selected broker and nobody controls it but you. The final decision is yours, we just provide you more info make better decisions.

Short & long term signals

Every aspect of the trade is sent. Take profit, stop loss and your entry points.

Verified track records

Unlike other signal providers, we show our live performance with third party analytical tools.

Watch it on video!

Why would you buy a subscription? Because it just great to get constant help from experienced professionals and develop your skills continuously.

"With this bundle, I started my first trades and earned steady income after 3 months."
Alex Pembelton
Forex trader since 2018
"It's just a great way to start."
Peter Wright
Options trader since 2013